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Originally Posted by Chonlel48 View Post
Rating: 4/10

Reason: The map seems unnecessarily large, even for a forest. The foliage is almost spammed due to this. There are also way too many tile errors for my liking. The path tiles don't blend in with the surroundings at all. The soul dew tiles, entrance tiles, and ledges also scream "ERROR". Despite being labeled "The ultimate hiking challenge in the region," the actual challenge of getting through the map seems low, unless wild pokemon encounter rate is turned way up.

Suggestions: Fix the tile errors, and shrink the map so that the foliage is less spammed. If it is to be labeled "The ultimate hiking challenge in the region", then the region is easy to hike through, or the map's hiking difficulty needs to be increased.

My map.
Map Name: Industrya City. If the first word is translated from Filipino, it means Industry City.

Map Game: FireRed

Comments: This is my first complete map in a couple years. I made it to see what I can still create after losing an interest in ROM hacking and Pokemon in general for an extended period of time. I am also aware of tile errors with a certain fence block. People are located in majority of the more open spaces of the map. I am brutally honest with my opinions, and I expect the same to be returned to me. Please take these things in account while rating.

Map Shot:

Well, the gathouses aren't needed since you can walk past them =\ Use block editor to fix that. And IDK why but it looks like Saffron City a lot. Maybe because of the tiles. My rating... 5/10 It looks kind of empty too, lost of space.

Suggestions: Add a sidewalk. Because you need to walk on something, so a side walk will help.
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