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Many thanks for reviewing, Astinus! I think I see what you mean with the whole showing vs. telling thing. I'll keep that in mind for the next chapter, and apply some fixes to this one where I see fit, as well. And yes, the "lone wolf" archetype is exactly what I was going for with Ross. I personally tend to like them more than the goggle-heads, so I decided to put him in the center instead of to the side, as he probably would have been in Digimon proper.

Glad you liked Garurumon and Agumon. I wasn't too sure about them, as I've never actually written for Digimon before. I think my biggest challenge is going to be making the rest of the cast of Mons as interesting as the humans, but I'm optimistic.

Many thanks as well to all the other readers! I plan on starting the next chapter sometime this week.

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