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Originally Posted by Nosferatu_Alucard View Post
Could someone help me understand 'setvar'? It seems that once I figure it out, I can complete many of my broken scripts.
What scripts do you need it for? Most of the time you could get away without it.

Originally Posted by TokioHumaNeko View Post
I used this and it rules. I have 1 Self-typed script and it works!
But what do \P \l \N do?
and i wanna make a script for my Humanoid City Gym,But i don't know what to do. And a script for Mt.Geisten,now i'm confused. Do i use the Generator,or do i use my own coding?
Those are textbox commands. It's explained more thoroughly in the thread by fullmetal in the tutorials section

Originally Posted by jackjt8 View Post
wtf is with this editor! i just got it working and now!
i'm using the script gen, then compiling it and geting the Dynamic offsets changing the ones of the person in advance map, and then it dont work!

look using the script gen saving and adding does this

#org 0x87400EF
#raw 0xDA
#raw 0xE3
#raw 0xE6
nop0 ' #raw 0x0
#raw 0xE8
#raw 0xDC
#raw 0xDD
#raw 0xE7
nop0 ' #raw 0x0
#raw 0xF0
nop0 ' #raw 0x0
#raw 0xFF
msgbox 0x8740107 ' Wecome to Everbac Ci...
callstd MSG_SIGN ' Signpost-style message

#org 0x8740107
= Wecome to Everbac City
Originally Posted by dragonh123 View Post
this script editor is great, and it is easy and powerful enough to do simple things like making a person talk to having them move and make a little cut scene(not the animation one but still good!)
try this and then compile it:

#dyn 0x740000
#org @start
msgbox @sign
callstd MSG_SIGN

#org @sign
= Wecome to Everbac City!

You don't need lock or faceplayer for msg_sign