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Alright guys I haven't updated in a few, but I beat red. I
Summary of what happenend-
After beating koga i cleared silph tower and cinnabar pokemansion
then GRINDED for like forever
beat 6,7,8 gyms
beat pokemon league.
Beaten Pokemon Red

Team at blue's defeat

Raichu-level 64
Jolteon-level 62
Electabuzz-40(was never used)

Next I'll be heading to pokemon silver
(because in crystal you can't get ampharos, and electric types for like 5 gyms, so changing my gen 2 game to silver)

I will update soon when I get my first electric type(mareep) and beat the 2nd gym.

I got cyndaquil, beat 1st gym, caught two mareep, grinded a bit, beat bellsprout tower with them, beat union cave and slowpoke well, and just owned the 2nd gym and my rival with my two flaffy now.

Flaffy-LVL 20
Flaffy-LVL 19
Pidgey-LVL3-fly hm slave
(Soon to be)Paras-LVL6-10-Cut hm slave