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Yeah, that's why manga and anime were put together. And besides, since it was pick a character, you could probably pick someone from the game rather than just strictly anime or manga.

Anyway guys, big idea here! I was playing Pokemon Colosseum yesterday, and I thought of a challenge. No purification challenge for either Colosseum or XD. But before any of y'all go off posting that, I recommended it as an event for the Get Together this year. :) If it gets approved, I'll work on the rules a little more. But I'm telling you guys this cause I'm a little worried as to how many people would participate, because you have to own a copy of either Colosseum or XD. So, would anyone here participate if it goes through? I'm just afraid it won't be successful since not everyone has these games. Just want a head count, estimate, whatever. Ya know. :)

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