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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
I'm not really a man for giving numerical ratings because honestly I never really valued my maps based upon the number that someone gave on their own little scale.
I couldn't agree more :D

Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post
Map Name: Sunrise Valley
Map Game: FireRed
Comments: For my hack; Pokemon Destiny. I kind of like it. :P The only thing that bothers me is the mailbox on the sidewalk. Also, credits to these people for the new tiles on this map;
Alucus_of_Borg: House Tiles
Laidjon*: The Articuno statue
Review: This is a nice town, and I'm sure that it will look very good in-game, but there are a few things which I see as detracting from the map. As you said, the mailbox is bothersome and is probably representational of an issue your map seems to have: Your use of space and one-tile paths. I mean, you've created a tiny space for the player to crawl through, when just over the fence there are a good two tiles worth space which are just about wasted on a tsunami of flowers. The other one-tile paths I can see are: immediately in front of the cave and to the left of the grey building at the bottom.

I kind of alluded to this earlier, but flowers don't really look nice when they are extremely densely packed. If you're going for a calming, natural and beautiful scene, small diagonal bunchs work best.

Apart from that, this map is looking very nice and I love your tiles (<3 the houses especially).

Suggestions: Open up the map a bit to get rid of those one-tile paths and I'll be very happy. Drop the flower paradise :P

Originally Posted by GoldxLight View Post
Map Name: N/A [Starting Town]

Map Game: Firered

Comments: My first time mapping a town.

Review: I'm going to be honest and say that this map isn't done well. There is is far to much empty space and it makes the map feel like a ghost town. The few trees that you have don't really do much. Your border is going to be riddled with errors at the top and bottom in-game, so you should be thinking about lining up the large trees to prevent that. There are a number of tile errors that don't make it seem very enticing.

I'm sure that you can improve from this that you will make a splendid map when you've had lots of practice :)

Suggestions: Fill up your empty space with whatever you can think of (Large trees, small trees paths - Everything). I'm not sure as to whether the large building at the top needs to be on a higher level, so its up to you whether you want it to be up there or not :)
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