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Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
Looks nice, man. Can't wait to see more. Was originally going to ask if that was the city to the right of Amplus, but I saw the map.

Anyway, the small region thing would work. If about half the plot works there, then would you reuse locations? Whether or not you would, I feel that would be a bit more fitting for some reason.
Thanks, Chapter 2 will be more open. Portals will open up all around the place allowing you to travel to the upper coding. There'll be a smaller second region (think- sevii islands) and you'll revisit previous locations that you didn't fully explore. or thats the plan.

next update is all but finished. I'm just doing a final beta test. fixing any last minute bugs, I't should be released in the next few days.

It's definetly a larger update than 0.21 -> 0.23. I might rename it to 0.25. It would better reflect the importance of the upgrade.

next few days. not a long wait. :)
Beta 0.74 is out
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