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I'm personally all for that but that is because I really love having new pokemon and I am not opposed to legendaries. I actually like having a legendary early but that is just me.

And when you say "encounter", do you mean that you will battle it or do you mean that you can catch it? I personally am all for catching a Mewtwo early on in the game but again that is just me...

You can decide to make a fakemon if you want and have a "Baby Mewtwo" or a pre-evolution of Mewtwo that is kind of weak but still stronger than most pokemon (maybe even your Riolu)? Like for example it evolves at level 40-50 and learns these attacks: Confusion, Disable, Swift, Barrier, and Psych Up

Originally Posted by Regi trainer View Post
it evolves into lucario at level 25, im actually thinking about getting a Zorua at some stage through out the game, opinions on that please???

oh and how would you guys feel of a special place called USHI-ONI island where you can find either Reshiram or Zekrom depending on which orb you choose at a special event????

Personally I'd say you should make it an event after beating the Elite Four. Make it a "Have to do sidequest" where you won't be allowed back into fighting the Elite Four until this is solved... as the Champion is looking for it to improve her team in a rematch.

And once you finish the side quest, the Elite Four and Champion get a HUGE boost in Levels and maybe even in New Pokemon.

Actually that isn't a bad idea, having a lot of legendaries happen after each time you beat the Elite Four (or go to a new place with new gyms). So the game gets harder and the legendaries might be essential to beating it again
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