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Originally Posted by cedrickaga View Post
hello can somebody tell me where can i get manaphy and lugia LOL..

oh and by the way i found glintch/bug at the mt.earthbound (well i only think that it is really a bug/glintch)

well anyways after i defeated the final four at the chrono chamber i already given the chance to catch the legendaries which i found it very challenging though when i went to mt.earthbound there's a man in green outside the mining house and he said to me that he saw something inside mt.earthbound i cant get to the place he's talking about, at the first floor there was a hole in the wall but i cant get throu cuz there are i think crumbbled rocks blockin it and downstairs where can i check the exp of my mining lvl i try to go behind the tall rock and guess what i pass thourgh the terrain and i actually can do a round trip at the top terrain.

what do you think is thi a bug or what?.

theres more but i forgot where ill just check it again
I don't know where you find Manaphy but you can find Lugia in Route 21 Underwater. The light is for getting to the Shadowrealm and it's random.
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