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Originally Posted by Tower Tycoon Palmer View Post
I clicked on "Go to" and then entered the offset and it always gives me the same results, in both patched and unpatched ROMS
I'm having a retard moment here...
Just to make sure everything's clear:

In this picture, where the B0 is is offset 1A2000. Where the FD is, that is offset 1A2001, and where the 39 is, that's offset 1A2002, etc.

What I'm guessing is that when you go to offset 1A2000, it is not lined up directly to the left, it's more in the middle. Do you see this data on the screen when you get there somewhere?

B0 FD 39 08 B0 FF 39 08 B0 FE 39 08
If so, B0 is where the offset for 1A2000 begins. There should be something closer to the bottom of the screen (I think, I use HxD instead of Hex Workshop now because my trial expired) that tells you which offset you're at. The numbers to the left in the column indicate what the offset for the first byte # at the beginning of that line is (in the picture I posted, that happens to be 1A2000).

If you're still having trouble, take a screen capture and post it here.
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