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guys? is there only one pokemon raptor ex?

i mean are there other version?

cuz i found a lot of bugs in pokemon raptor ex

1. there are i think 2 bugs at mt.earthbound 1st is that there is a man saying that he saw something weird inside mt.earthbound that makes him not to wonder in (which means there is a legendary pokemon) but when i get inside all i can access is the mining place and the floor before you enter the mining place where there is a hole in the wall but it seems that it is blocked by a crumbled rocks 2nd is that when you go around at the back of the pillar like stone where there are 2 people standing you could actually pass and walk above the terrain which i think it shouldn't be..

2. at route 20 when you try to go to the platform where you have to push 2 rocks you are still on a whaladon or the whale like pokemon..

3. at freezeday city, at the bottom leftmost house there is a flower outside wherein when you press the confirm button you will be asked if you want to surf LOL T_T

and there are more i think ill post them some other time

hope that omegagroudon read my post so that he can fix some of the bugs

hope i helped.....
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