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Here's my current progress:

Location: Route 69
Badges: 2
Pokedex: 6 (I'm not into catching Pokemon unless I use it for battle or it is used to help progress in the game.)
Coolboyman-Larvitar Lv. 19
Datai-Taillow Lv. 21
Adam-Quilava Lv. 21
Wool-Mareep Lv. 7 Used for Mound Cave and Cloth
Cut-Bellsprout Lv. 13 HM Slave for Cut

I like the game and I will tryout the minigames and features when I finish the Beta. Great Hex Editing skills like a REAL ROM HACKER. Tools R4 Fools?
Pokemon WARPED: Fixed Beta 3, to be available when I ask permission from Magneto20 or the other guy to fix it. Farfetch'd! Septo Conquest Deluxe is on hold until WARPED is finished to be more awesoming.
Pokemon Light Platinum X will be coming soon after CycloneGU makes a fixed version of the current release.
Also coming soon is Pokemon Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Also to be known as the Pokemon Seasons, Pokemon Summer and Winter coming soon first!
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