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I found out how to get the fourth gym leader to battle me. Go to the train station and pick the first option. It will take you to familiar region. Head to the house in the north and you should be at a forest. Go to a big tower by gravestones. Talk to a lady in there and what she says is important. It involves gravestones, and a certain order. You should then get a key. Use the key in the tower and search through the place to get the Bedroom Key. Unlock the bedroom and then talk to the ghost in there. You'll be in a nightmare world in Fire Red style graphics. When you appear in a bedroom go downstairs and leave the house. Talk to the yellow guy and the nightmare ends. Then head back to the fourth gym and you can battle the gym leader. Beware as his Pokemon are levels 30-33. I decided not to be descriptive so it wouldn't spoil anything except the levels for the fourth gym leaders Pokemon.

In other words I finished the Beta and it was fun. I'll try out the mini-games next while I wait for 2.5 of... well it's kinda obvious what ROM Hack I'm talking about if you were at the thread. Oh and I like the rival's new team.
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