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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Awesome sauce. In fact, I think I might make that favorite challenge. I love using favorites. :> Only thing weird I find about it is trying to think of 6 favorites for each type. Would we put them in our sign up post? That's what I would think, cause people could lie and say "oh my 3rd favorite fire type is Ho-oh". Which also leads me to question whether or not legendaries are allowed. I say they should be, since they can be considered a favorite. But then again, I wouldn't want the person assigning my types to really know my favorites, cause they might purposely assign them so that I'm stuck with Mareep, Sunkern, etc. (They're not my favorites, just an example. XD)
Well, I've done this challenge for every region except sinnoh so far and every time, I never picked legendaries. Mostly because I think it's cheap and also, because they're not my favorites :p. And what's the point of starting a challenge if you're gonna cheat? I do it just for fun. I would hope I could trust people to not lie about their favorites. I also wouldn't tell my favorites, just in case someone wants be a jerk like in your example. And maybe there can be a legends version and a no legends version.
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