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Quote originally posted by Blazers:
Awedome to see uranium is still on. Keep it goin jv.
I'm happy to see you back too :)

Quote originally posted by tomatoman:
comet cave sounds like a ripoff of meteor falls. Just saying.

Quote originally posted by Nytkoi:
Wow, this game has evolved! I love all the new stuff JV, great work.

The male OW's hair is a little weird looking though. Maybe its just me.
Gosh, how long has it been man xD.

Quote originally posted by Mr. Banana Peel:
how do you make such good games i just cant belive it like how to change the graphics and world map how do you know all this i really want to make a game but there is no tutorial i really understand please help me (dont read signature)
I didn't use any tutorial, so didn't most people here I guess...

Well guys, just leaving by to say that the demo has reached the 4000 downloads mark, that's what I call an achievement, I'm really happy, expect a cool update soon =)
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