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Rating: 7/10

Comments: Interesting region, there. I'm interested to see how the game would lead you through it. The presence of three separate regions plus a chain of islands is intriguing.

Suggestions: The arrangement of the routes in relation to the islands seems a little odd. The big island on the right connects to the other two by going around the chain islands, yet the only way to get between that large island on the right and the smaller ones is to take one of the routes halfway to one of the other large islands, then turn off that path. I think the region would flow a bit better (and I'm totally assuming what direction the story would lead you in; maybe this won't work for you) like this:

Maybe I'm just stuck on this kind of thinking because I'm used to all Pokémon games, inlcuding ROM hacks, being very linear and having regions that make that easy. If you're taking a more 'open-world' approach, then kudos to you for breaking the mold. If not, it just seems a little off.

Originally Posted by Resultz View Post

Rockfall Canyon
From Reuby(Banjora Marxvile's Tiles.)
Comments: This is a purely experimental map using dome new tiles. Although i think they work well.
Rating: 8/10

Comments: Definitely a strong map. It's simple, but seems effective. I assume the old man at the top is linked to an event?
The tileset is neat. My one complaint about the tiles is that the snow has very little contrast between the shades of white (or maybe that's just this monitor...); I couldn't see the detail of the snow (on the ground) without messing with the contrast settings.

Suggestions: Just some tileset errors I noticed (or they might be intentional, I don't know):

I think the areas I circled in red would look a bit better if you used the tiles I circled in green instead. The tiles in red would look good if the tiles above were pretty much any other color, but with snow above, the little bits of brown stand out a bit much.

I'll post an ice maze I've been working on in a few days, after I've had a little time to do some touch-ups.
PM me if you'd like to hear some of the ideas I have for ROM hacks. I've got some subplot ideas and Fakemon that I really want in a hack... as long as I don't have do the whole hack. xD

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