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You can't evolve the Sandshrew. If you get a Pokemon that is not fully evolved, you can't evolve it. That defeats the purpose. I guess I'll edit that part of the rules.

atm, I'm about to go fight Falkner...with Unown and Hoppip. lmao. I'll edit this post after, since I update after each gym battle.

Player: James
Version: SoulSilver (Jap)
Badges: 1

This was a pain in the butt to train. Erase isn't doing half bad, though. But I expect he'll get worse as the game progresses. I think his HP is Psychic, so STAB ftw? I'll have to get him a Twisted Spoon to help accommodate that. Books is...umm...alright...I guess. Better when he evolves, I'm sure. Also about Luvdisc, I'll fish for one in Platinum and trade it over when I see it fit for it to go, or whenever the levels match up. Don't feel like breeding and hatching and stuff. Bugsy will sure be a fun fight. Also, I hate Roost. :) Just throwing that out there. I'm having to Resort to Struggle because of it.

Books / Hoppip (m) lv. 14
- Poison Powder
- Stun Spore
- Synthesis
- Tackle

Erase / Unown-E lv. 13
- Hidden Power (Psychic?)

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