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Quote originally posted by QuilavaKing:
I understand that this map is supposed to be simple/easy to navigate, but I still think it's too basic/empty. The entrance (assuming it's on the left side) is way too straight, and there aren't any paths, or rocks in the way. Even for a simple cave, it should have a bit more variety imo. Really that's the only problem, aside from the high concentration of small rocks. Overall, not a bad job.


Comments: Reposting this map now that I've made some changes to it. I added flowers, and fixed a bunch of tile errors. (Somehow no one noticed either of those problems while rating it. lol) I also added some stuff in the water, just enough to make it less boring in game... it's difficult to decorate water when it serves no actual purpose.
Your right it is hard to decorate water when you can't reach it >_<
It's a very good map indeed. I like how it's layed out. This kinda shocked me because there was grass in a city. But since your striving for something different I guess it was ok.
This map is pretty much better then all the maps I've created. I'm not a very good mapper.

Now for my map.
In attachments.


I Don't really expect high ratings from this map, well because it was hard squeezing 3 houses into a mountain. This place is called MT. Pallet for Quaz's hacking team. It's not my best I'll tell you that. Ther'es something that doesn't feel right like I'm missing something. I know I put a lot of flowers and stuff. Hit me with you best shot with the rating.

My Rating:
Yep I'll don't like it too much.
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