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Quote originally posted by pokolul:
When you defeat hundour, his image is a wooper
Edit: Found a second bug: You can evolve pokemon at any level
fixed the houndour problem, I tried evolving low leveled pokemon, but it didn't work. can you explain exactly what happened?

Quote originally posted by Tomackze:
Wow this game is impressive!! It basically is a whole new RPG
Quote originally posted by psychicboy:
Gonna be checking this version out ASAP.
Tell you if I find any bugs.
Quote originally posted by Rova:
I really, really like this.
Thanks; bug reports are appreciated :)

Quote originally posted by CyberSamurai:
im still kind of wonderin if your gonna add any different eevolutions. but if you arent this is still one heck of a game. =D
I may add them, but theres no promises, Finishing the core game is the main priority. Then I'll start adding stuff like more eeveeloutions and more pokemon.

Nothing to update on my end, had a crappy day at uni. have 4 tests next week, so slow updates. But- my 2 week mid-simester break is a few weeks away :)
Beta 0.74 is out
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