Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Quote originally posted by Zeffy:
This looks great, graphic-wise, mapping-wise, and scripting-wise. Keep up the good work! (b'-')b

Oh and I can't help but notice in your 2nd video "oppertunity". I'm guessing that it's supposed to be opportunity. XD;
I can't believe I missed that :x

Thanks for the error and the compliments :D

Quote originally posted by nasonex:
I can't get over the maps!!! The MAPS are awesome! and did I mention that the MAPS are awesome? :D:D

Very great graphics! I'm dying to see more screenies! Literally DYiNG to see IT!!!

I hope you progress well with this hack! :3
Well, I progressed a little further during the night and started mapping the innards of Frigid Cavern so a small update is in order:

Thoughts? Opinions?