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Bump. Lol, I'm getting a nasty feeling that this project is speeding towards failure.
Come on, is seriously nobody interested?
I just need someone who can script to start with. That's everything for now.

And since there seems to be no further interest, I decided to brainstorm a bit:
I think it's nice to make the Professor a girl, just because.

I think I would like fakemon starters, if that turns out to be unsatisfying, I would prefer some edited existing pokemon, instead of usual starters.

An expansion of the usual trainer school. Because this one has got tournaments, once in a while. And, the counts daughter or son (depends on the gender the player is) goes to this school, and will become your rival/friend as the story goes on.

As a way to introduce other pokemon in the region, I came up with a kind of natural disaster in regions like kanto and johto, and, therefore, the reason to introduce new species in our archipelago.

The city at the lake will be called Vertigo city, after U2's song.

I would like the pirates to play a big part in this game. Mostly as a kind of distraction for Team Invictus' plans. So in the beginning, the Prof will be kidnapped by the pirates, and they'll continue doing Invictus' dirty jobs, untill mutiny is commited and you collaborate with the pirates to beat their captain, Ramón. The leader of the mutiny is, of course, the, soon to be, captain Jack.

I would love to do something with tides. Specially in the bay.
And, when thinking about that, I thought of something; maybe we could make some kind of shallow water near the shore, where you can walk through, just like grass, and let wild pokemon appear.

I hate the idea that there are no big amounts of evolution stones, so I thought of a beachcomber who trades junk you find on the beach for evolution stones.

I would like to have a 'zoo', which wants you to catch certain pokemon, just like the newspaperdudes in DPPt.

Cycling Road south of the lake, till Lugano port.

A lot of viewing points, throughout the island.

Different tribes living in the desert. They are, of course, Nomads.

And about the desert, I really want to make that a challenge, if possible:
- You'll need the liquid of a cactus, to keep your energy level high enough. (Otherwise you lose money and are returned to the entrance, or you wake up in a nomad tent.)
- You need to make sure you shelter (in caves, etc.), otherwise your shoes will not sustain the heat anymore, and you're not able to walk anymore.
- The nomads might be in a mood to help you out with drinks and shelter, but in exchange you must beat all the other nomad-tribes.

I'd love seasons ingame, but I guess that's kind off in possible.

And if it ís possible, I would like a script that makes Snorlax blocking a river, then a man comes who wakes him, then he jumps out of the river, altering the map (Now the river is flowing normal again), then the man gives you the flute, so you can battle snorlax, (not being able to leave the map) and after that, the man leaves the map to go home. Now that's a challenge?

O and referring to Niknaks worldmap Idea, is it even possible to make 4 different ingame-items, which all represent a map?
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