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You know, I'm going to suggest that you change the name of the thread somehow. Instead of "Ultimate thread for monotype challenges" it could be interpreted as "Thread for ultimate monotype challenges", which is what confused me when I got the new link from the locked monotype challenge thread. May I suggest "Central Monotype Challenge Thread" or something to that effect instead? Just a heads-up.

That said, I will now provide a short update for my SS mono so that I may justify this post:

  • Did most of what I needed to do around getting a Beldum, which will be put off until later, and went to continue the plot.
  • Entered Mahogany Town and got scolded by not-Lance for being late. Psh, it's not like Team Rocket would do anything without me there to foil their plan anyway.
  • Fought a whole lot of Grunts while procrastinating on leveling Skarmory up to join the rest of the group in the 30-ish level range.
  • Steelix gained 555 experience points. Awesome.
  • Realized that dang, Steelix needs a better moveset. And better accuracy. Geez.