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Quote originally posted by CyberSamurai:
well all i can say is awesome job. this game combines casual and hardcore rpgs together in a way that just makes this game really fun to play. And considering that this is only a beta, it can become even better!
thanks :)

Quote originally posted by saifors:
I lke the new demo and I finished it, it took long why? just 1 name XxLionheartxX
and my team is:
Charmeleon lvl 28
Croconaw lvl 28
Buterfree lvl 25
Eevolutions lvl 30
relly fun game
Lol, yeah, he's a little challenging
Quote originally posted by pokolul:
I could evolve my croconaw at level 33 and my graveler at level 37
I have a picture but I don't have enough posts to post it :(
Croconaw evolves at Lv30 in the games, and because theres a lack of trading system(and because I think its a stupid evolution system) graveler evolves at lv 35(i changed it to 42 now) Kadabra evolves at Lv 36.
I havent programmed in ghastly or machop yet.

Quote originally posted by psychicboy:
FF7 Reference ftw?

And I found a bug where you can battle Glitched/dark bellsprout over and over again when you use bitter bait.
I found out, killing bellsprout also gives you a nidoran in your PC. Fixed now.

Quote originally posted by Omn:
Hey is it possible to shrink the size of the screen
figured out how.
I also found a glitch when you are in ferrus town there is a DM agility and you can't pick it up but it keeps saying "DM-Agility Found" and when you check the map there is two sprites of you at ferrus city when you are in Mors Village
Just press F5 to switch screen sizes, press F4 to go fullscreen.
thanks, fixed.

Today sucks.. I have a horrible fever. and I lost my USB drive which contained my computing assignments... that's due today. :(
[NEW]Beta 0.74 is out
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