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After giving Team Rocket a sound thrashing in Celadon city I headed towards Lavender town, cutting through Saffron city and picking up TM29 on the way. Not much to say about Pokemon Tower, Night Shade could hit all of my team, only Raticate could hit the ghosts, I decided to run from most wild pokemon to avoid getting him further ahead in levels. The Rocket grunts at the top of the tower were, as usual, dissappointing.

With Mr. Fuji saved and the pokeflute acquired, it was time to head south to collect my next 2 team members. The first new recruit was found blocking the path near Vermillion City. Several hyper fangs and several resets later, Snorlax was safely inside a pokeball. I continued to Fuchsia City and the Safari Zone, after paying to enter the zone 13 times (No, really) I finally got a Chansey. After some trainer battles, everyone was around level 30-35, time for the gym.

Leader Battle: Koga
Raticate Lv.35 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
Pidgeotto Lv.35 Swift, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
Chansey Lv.35 Psychic, Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt, Sing
Snorlax Lv.35 Body Slam, Amnesia, Rest, Mega Punch
Persian Lv.35 Body Slam, Bite, Double Team, Screech

Tried to avoid using Chansey and Raticate as much as possible, after all this is meant to be a monotype "challenge", Snorlax managed to take down both Koffings with Body Slam spam, however he fainted after Muk became nigh impossible to hit (frickin' minimize). Enter Pidgeotto, with the help of several super potions Pidgeotto managed to take Muk down with swift. I figured I'd give Persian a bit of screentime vs Weezing, then it exploded...yeah. Well, Pidgeotto got enough experience from Muk to reach Lv.36, evolution time!

Next time! Saffron city.