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Quote originally posted by smile!:
We're repeating ourselves... on two different places. Good thing we don't join another forum, or we'll have to post the same thing thrice. XD

Quote originally posted by smile!:
Regarding the Vizards, what I understood was that they were hollowfied not with the Hogyoku, but rather with Aizen's experiments. That was why they don't have complete Arrancar powers like Tosen, you see. It's the same case as with the Hollow that ate Kaien (what, Metascasia or something like that). It was the result of Aizen's experiments on his own, not with the Hogyoku.
Yeah, I know that the Vaizards weren't Hollowfied by the Hougyoku and Tousen was.

Quote originally posted by smile!:
So why does Aizen have the hogyoku in that flashback...?
What if it isn't the Hougyoku, actually?

Quote originally posted by smile!:
Another plausible theory was that Aizen was trying to create his own Hogyoku, but it was unsuccessful. He does know about the Hogyoku, because he's been reading Urahara's research, right?
I think Aizen trying to make his own Hougyoku makes sense. Though I doubt Aizen would be able to read the research, I'll have to look back and see.

Quote originally posted by smile!:
I think that IS teleporting. See page 16? The light kinda indicate that he disappeared from that place and on page 17, there were like 'traces of light' when he suddenly appeared again. I think it's teleporting.

And waiting for the anime is useless. I mean, how it's going to be shown in the anime would be according to how the animators interpret the manga, so one way or another, we won't know what Kubo really wants to show us. :p

I think with something like this, even the animators will be slightly confused/argue too. They probably will ask Kubo "what did he do, and how did it look like" and he would say what he imagined.

According to info on the 4th movie is out (you might have to scroll down to see the post, but I have it quoted). I put it in spoilers, because not released in America yet, and I think some people might want to be hidden from the info:


Quote originally posted by
The 4th Bleach Movie, "Jigoku Hen (Hell Chapter)", will have Kubo Tite personally over looking the production.

Official Website:

Animation Production: Studio Peirrot

Release Date (in Theaters): December 4th, 2010


Summary: "HELL". is the place where a person is sent to who committed violent crimes when they were alive. SHINIGAMIs are forbidden to go there. One day prisoners revolt and make their escape to the KARAKURA-town where Ichigo and his friends live in. Ichigo and his friends are defeated one after the other by prisoners with overwhelming power. A mystery man appears ("KOKUTOO) who comes to their rescue. With Kokutoo leading the way Ichigo, Rukia, Uryuu, and Renji marches into HELL to save the world.

Now an endless, desperate struggle breaks out between Ichigo and his friends with the TOGABITO!

Well, I'm somewhat disappointed that Hell will only be an anime movie, as opposed to an entire arc, but Kubo's overlooking it, so it's canon.

I'm interested to see what the plot is, and I'm almost certain that the music and animation will be near top-tier as Bleach usually is with big things like a movie.

I liked the trailer, because it showed how the animation works, and it looked really nice too. Though, like pretty much everyone else, I wished it showed more of what's going to happen.

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