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Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Yes, and the sooner you all learn that, the better. ;p
Kenpachi is my second favorite character. xD

Pfft, Kubo always down plays Chad's awesome-ness. If Chad will be in the movie, he'll probably get beaten by one of those Hell escapees and not be in the rest of the movie. Right after Chad got his bad-*** status from fighting with Gantenbainne, he has to fight against Nnoitra and gets beat. Then he gets beat around again by Yammy.

I wonder if this means Kubo-sensei has something against YOU for not paying enough attention to your favorite character... XD *shot*

(Yeah, probably not.)

Guess what people. I'm NOT gonna stay up all night today. I have to go somewhere in the early morning. Damn. D=

Any info on the movie's release date...? I'm kinda uhh too lazy to check... XD