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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
*Here* is a good, albeit old, tutorial on editing map palettes.

As for your problem, I'm guessing that the two maps use different secondary tilesets. If you switch from a map that uses, say, Tileset 1 to a map that uses Tileset 2, any blocks near the border that use tiles from Tileset 1 will get messed up because they'll get switched to the corresponding tiles from Tileset 2 any they will most likely end up looking glitchy.
That Tutorial just shows how to change colours, not insert things that aren't usually in the game, like a statue or something, and yes, the Palletes are different in each map, but how does that make it glitchy exactly? What if you have a city and route that connect with each other but with completely different Palletes. You can't have the one Pallete thing for every map in-game.

Originally Posted by Drithlan View Post
Sounds like each map uses different Tilesets and the mismatched tiles are within view of the border. You should buffer, 8 tiles horizontally and 6 vertically, on the connection of 2 maps. That means only use tiles that are from the same set within your buffer space.
So, if you can see the different Palletes, something will go wrong? But I did this before and it worked perfectly, then I started again on a clean rom base. I've done everything almost the same as I did, but I edited the 1st route to make it smaller since it was huge..
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