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I was wondering why the other thread got locked..I completed my challenge on Crystal using Ursaring.

Update #7 - Done partially from memory and scribbled notes while travelling on a train.
- Beat Lt. Surge. BADGE 9
- Beat Sabrina. BADGE 10
- Beat Misty. BADGE 11
- Beat Erika. BADGE 12
- Beat Janine. BADGE 13
- Caught Snorlax with Master Ball.
- Beat Brock. BADGE 14
- Beat ??? for the final time.
- Beat Blaine. BADGE 15
- Replaced Lick with Firepunch.
- Beat Blue. BADGE 16

Update #8

vs Pikachu - Used Slash. Two took it down.
vs Espeon - Used Slash again. Three took it down.
vs Snorlax - Got a Critical Hit Slash and took it down using two of them.
vs Venusaur - Two Firepunches fainted it.
vs Charizard - Had to use a Max Revive and sacrifice a HM Slave, but fainted it with around 5/6 Slashes
vs Blastoise - Another lucky Critical Hit Slash, fainted in one.

Challenge Complete!

Final Pokemon Movesets

Jaz/Ursaring Level 82 @ Leftovers
- Firepunch
- Icepunch
- Slash
- Faint Attack

HMSLAVEI/Totodile @ Amulet Coin
- Surf
- Headbutt
- Cut
- Whirlpool

HMSLAVEII/Psyduck @ Cleanse Tag
- Strength
- Waterfall
- Rock Smash
- Flash

HMSLAVEIII/Spearow @ Nothing
- Fly

I'll be doing another Solo Challenge on Crystal sometime later this month, probably with Phanpy/Donphan, since I've never used either in a regular game before, my go-to ground type is Graveller, even though Graveller is Rock/Ground, most of it's moves end up Ground types for me.
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