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Pokemon Being Used: Ludicolo
Games: LG, SS, E, Pt

Current Status:

Ludicolo Lv79 @ Nothing
Moveset: Fake Out, Surf, Ice Beam, Absorb

Paras (HM Slave)
Moveset: Cut, Rock Smash

Hitmonlee (HM Slave)
Moveset: Strength

Sperow (HM Slave)
Moveset: Fly
Location: Viridan City Gym

Kanto Update #3:

Well I made some decent progress after the last update. Since the Sevii Islands aren't to long I'll bullet point the events.

- After arriving on One Island I explored around Mt. Ember to get more exp and items. Once reaching the summit I defeated Moltres for even more exp getting Ludicolo to about level 75.
- Then I sailed onto Two Island to activate the whole biker event and headed to Three Island.
- I received a Nugget from the Tunnel man.
- From there I defeated the biker group and anwards I went to the Berry Forest.
- I saved the little girl and I was finally allowed to leave the islands.
- I defeated Giovanni and received the Earth Badge.

Now I'm going to head to the Indigo Plateau and finish the Kanto leg of the challenge.
Next is going to be Emerald since I'm having a hard time finding a SS/Pt rom.



Current Status

Ludicolo Lv91 @ Lum Berry
Moveset: Surf, Waterfall, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

Paras (HM Slave)
Moveset: Cut, Rock Smash

Hitmonlee (HM Slave)
Moveset: Strength

Sperow (HM Slave)
Moveset: Fly

Location: Pallet Town (Finished Game)

Kanto Update #4:

Well wasn't I thrown a curveball. When I got through the Victory Road I expected to immediately fight the Elite Four. That wasn't the case; apparently when I had to activate the National Dex to even allow Lombre and Lotad to evolve the game automatically unlocked the Sevii Islands (4-7) and I had to go through all of the events there. That's why Ludicolo is leveled up alot (also used the 6 Rare Candies in my bag).

Once finished with all of that I decided to take on the now high 70 leveled Elite. Lorelei was easy for the most part since Giga Drain helped a lot. Although she did spam Full Restores... Next was Bruno who went down easily due to his 2 ground types. Then there was THE WORST BATTLE EVER! Man I just hate Agatha now after the trouble I had with her. With her using Sludge Bomb 95% of the time, I burned through my Full Restores, thank god she used double team so I could get a hit in. Lance was easy because of ice beam and I got extremely lucky. After that battle I saved and turned off the rom, once I got back on the game reset to normal and my rivals pokemon was back to their pre-Sevii levels. So it was my part to finish the game. (Updated the attachments)

Onto Hoenn!
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