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Quote originally posted by SonicBlazePlatinum:
In Beta 1 will we get two badges? Seeing that Routes 24&25 are in Beta 1 the Nugget Bridge the Sea Cottage events are in Beta 1. The beta probably ends with someone blocking the Underground Path in Route 5. I like the tile set you made as it does resemble HG/SS. Is the Cerulean Gym gonna have a Sailor in it since there were two in Cerulean Gym in HG/SS?
Quote originally posted by Ashdejan:
I think you answered your own question
Explain: The game ends at route 5 so we cant go to Vermilion yet so we can only have 2 badges Boulder and Cascade
You will be able to obtain 2 badges. Bill will also give you the S.S. Anne ticket, but for now it's going to be completely useless. Also the Rocket event in Cerulean City is there, but it is a little different, since the layout of Cerulean City in DarkViolet/HG/SS is significantly different than the layout in R/G/B/Y/FR/LG. You will be able to access Route 5 before you beat Misty, unlike FR/LG.

Also, in future releases, you will also be able to access Route 5 before you beat Misty, but you are not allowed to enter the Underground Path until you beat Misty.

Quote originally posted by Heart's Soul:
That and the SS Anne ticket. Are you going to use a Clefairy sprite for Bill?
Think logically. If Bill says that he got combined with a Pokemon, of course I'm going to make him look like a Clefairy. Otherwise, then the whole event would make no sense.