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I agree with toma.
It's not even a story at all.
More like a cliff note, flat, unoriginal, etc.

If you want people to be interested in your game you need a story first and foremost. Not just a "Oh Pokemon League, lets go!"
As for the screens, I'm fairly certain you've never done this.

So first, develop a story. Anything works, it can always be altered or branched later.
Once you have a story down work on learning about your engine, in this case RPGMXP.
You need to have a good understanding of Ruby GSS, and then get a good handle on spriting, or someone who does.
Graphics make a game, even though this is a fan game and it normally doesnt count, you'll get more attention and a wider following with originality and difference from those who simply get the starter kit and base solely around it.

I'll keep an eye on the topic and see how it goes. If you have questions we're here to help.