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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
Oh thanks, is the jungle in the upcoming demo (I WANT HIM NAO!!!) jk lol, but seriously how far into the game is this jungle? It would be cool if it was a sidequest to get the Emprilla item, if that's what you mean by "Something special".
Sorry but no, it won't be =/. It's quite far into the game.

Quote originally posted by Poison Master:
:O, I knew about that poison pokemon already.

When i was in the Cave, in the Demo. I noticed it looked kinda Poison-ish.

Although HOrrible moves to start with, I hope there updated.

How far do you think the game is done? percent wise.

- Ryan
I haven't changed the moves, but believe me, it really compensates if you train him well =).

Quote originally posted by snoopi888:
Well, I guess I'll delurk now (t'was about time)!
I've been following you for a long time, and I'll say this : despite having flatlined a bit recently, you came back with something better than I would have expected!
From now on, I'll follow more actively I guess, since, you know, I showed sign of existence. c;
Also, sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language. xc
Thanks for the support man =)!

Well guys, we only got one vote so far, keep voting!
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