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Originally Posted by Aviancode View Post
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I keep freezing everytime Steven tells me to go fight the Deoxys! is there any way to fix it or get past this?
That means you have an old version of the game, visit the post linked in my signature to know where to get the latest version and some other stuff posted on this thread.

Originally Posted by Bao View Post
I'm confused on the trading feature... So I choose the pokemon I want, copy the .txt file and give it to someone? Who? Is it someone in the game or...?
All of this is explained in the game by the lady in the Krypton Pokemon Center but I'll tell you anyway:
1. You choose the pokemon you want to trade and a txt file is created on the Trades folder.
2. You give that txt to the person you want to trade with (your friend, yourself in another save file or someone on the Internet).
3. This person you will trade pokemons with will give you his/her txt file for you to put it in the Trades folder (he/she must do the same with your txt file).
4. Back in the game you choose to get a pokemon and choose the txt file you just copied (the one you got).
5. You choose to confirm trade and then to create a confirmation file and a new txt will be created on the Confirmations folder.
6. Now you give this new txt file to the person you're trading with and he/she must give you his/her confirmation file.
7. Put that confirmation file in the confirmations folder.
8. In the game, choose confirm trade and now choose load confirmation file and choose the one you got.
9. The lady will ask you to finish the trade, say yes and be happy.

Originally Posted by Diablo361 View Post
Caught a Shiny Bronzong yesterday!

I wish it was on my real game, though...
What a coincidence, I just caught a shiny bronzong too, the only good thing I got from spending three hours on the shadow dimension ¬¬

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