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Wow, I never encountered a shiny in the game until I found my shiny Bronzong in the Shadow Dimension, but after that I've met a shiny Tropius, a shiny Roselia, a shiny Lombre, a shiny Lickitung and a shiny Slowpoke, it's like I unlocked them or something XD

Speaking of strange things, I put my Infernape and my Ditto on the day-care and I hatched the resulting egg expecting a Chimchar, but what I got was a Monferno O.o, I think you can breed only the previous stage of the pokemon you're breeding but I can't be sure since I haven't tried it with any other pokemon.

BTW, @phospate5 I tried all your theories about Manaphy (except evolving Phione, I don't really think that is the way sorry), I bred it with and without items, I took it literally everywhere, and nothing happened. I have a theory about Manaphy though: I was thinking that maybe, and just maybe, to get manaphy out of that egg (the one that hatches into Phione) you have to hatch it after defeating the Torxia League, I can't test this anymore but if anyone can please try it and tell us the results.

However, this little theory of mine can be easily nullified if someone has done this so I would like to know that too and avoid having false hopes ;_;

Sorry about the long post but to finish it I need to ask something, is there a more efficient way to get Moon Stones than using covet on wild Clefairy and Lunatone?

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