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Hey! Fire Shock! Like I promisied, I would try out the Hack...

Well, so far, so good.
There are lots of good points, namely pros, but there are a
few cons.

Lemme list them out.

1. I apparently dislike Carolina City and Carolina Port's music.

"Why is that?", you may ask. Well, because you're a CITY,
not in a Net Center. Well, a city should HAVE city music, right?

For example: You can change the music to Cerulean City's music,
Cinnabar Island's music, (Since it's near to the sea, and apparently, Cinnabar's music gave out a "beach" theme, and which is, what I like.)
etc. Just NOT the Net Center music please. It's just... unsuitable for city music.

2. As for Carolina Port's music, same as above, should NOT have Net Center music. Again, it's near the sea, so you might as well change the music to Water Labiryth's music, (Namely "Paradise" to me.) or Cinnabar's music.

3. As for the 3rd con, which is also what I hate, is the mining game.
It's not that I hate the mining game itself, it's just that when you use a pick to hit a rock, the "rumble" is JUST. TOO. BIG.

You can at least make the "rumble" smaller. But not too small.
That won't be good, either.

Now, on to the grammar mistakes/glitches section.


It should be: Josh: Congratulations!
You beat me and earned your Plove Badge! (Please be warned that the word "badge" in your Hack has to be capitalized.)

It should be: One more thing: You can only use a TM once,
so use it wisely.

It's Josh, not Greg.

I think I have reported this glitch before, but meh, I shall report
it again. When you talk to Greg in this direction, he will not face you after his phone call. Also, he walks THROUGH you right after this text.

Strange glitch, I know, but easily fixable.

This sentence should end with a question mark instead of a period, 'cause it's a question.

I missed that one... 0.o
You cannot "do" a Trainer Card, you can only create a
Trainer Card.

It should be: ...Badge, you can use Fly outside of battle.

It should be: One last thing: Remember to be careful down there.

It should be: It's one of the strongest Fire type moves
out there, so use it wisely.

It should be: Oh, that's right, you've never had a Pokemon battle before, right?

This is the end of my post. Please read it slow and steady.

I am now an anime dubber, cover singer and a fan of anime. I can still apply as a translator and grammar corrector, though.
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