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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
------- (-o-) -------

Update: I'm mapping out the game's big forest (Frickle Forest), but I haven't progressed far enough to get some early screenshots due to the return of school which will be slowing down my progress God, I was getting so much stuff done at a cracking pace during the holidays. I've also added a fun script in Fleetwood that could result in you getting a rare Pokemon.
Nice Updates again DrFuji! I've been wondering what the Frickle Forest
will look like. It feels like it's a creepy forest.. (chills)

It's sad that the school is too quick on getting back from holidays.. >.<

But you can work slowly but surely! To ensure the Gaming goodness
of Pokemon: Lilac. hehehe!

Can't wait for the scripts at Fleetwood City! Maybe It'll be a rare Beach
pokemon! lol! :D

Anyways keep up the good work DrFuji! Good Luck! :3
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