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Quote originally posted by minchan:
Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Just watched the new Bleach episode;
So Arrancar are stronger than Vasto Lorde?
Spoiler just in case...

Well I haven't seen the episode as of yet, I plan to later. But I think "arrancar" is something that isn't really comprable to the other forms of hollows.

It's like this:

Regular hollow
Menos Grande
Vasto Lorde

And I'm pretty sure that any stage I listed above can become an "arrancar" so I'm sure a Vasto Lorde who isn't an arrancar can probably beat a regular hollow that is, but arrancars are still generally stronger than the form of a hollow they used to be...

Don't take my word for any of this though. I think it's mostly right but I'm not the one who comes up with this stuff so I really don't know for sure. XD

Min is right, an Arrancar is only stronger than the level of hollow it used to be. A Gillian class Arrancar can only beat Gillian class hollows and lower, and a Vasto Lorde Arrancar can only beat Vasto Lorde hollow and weaker (as long as the VL isn't still strong than it). Becoming an Arrancar is pretty much just a power up, but you still stay in your class power range.

Quote originally posted by Eternal Nightmare:
Oh my god has anyone see this picture of Bleach. Just to be on the safe side it will be in spoilers


Its comes as pen now D:.

I'm so anxious for that new manga chapter its not funny

Oh my gosh, that's such an awesome picture!
Why have I not seen it before now?! ;p

I kind of feel the same way about the next manga chapter. :p

I don't want to open it, but your spoiler is really tempting... >.<