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Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Just watched the new Bleach episode;
So Arrancar are stronger than Vasto Lorde?
Spoiler just in case...

Well I haven't seen the episode as of yet, I plan to later. But I think "arrancar" is something that isn't really comprable to the other forms of hollows.

It's like this:

Regular hollow
Menos Grande
Vasto Lorde

And I'm pretty sure that any stage I listed above can become an "arrancar" so I'm sure a Vasto Lorde who isn't an arrancar can probably beat a regular hollow that is, but arrancars are still generally stronger than the form of a hollow they used to be...

Don't take my word for any of this though. I think it's mostly right but I'm not the one who comes up with this stuff so I really don't know for sure. XD
Min is right, an Arrancar is only stronger than the level of hollow it used to be. A Gillian class Arrancar can only beat Gillian class hollows and lower, and a Vasto Lorde Arrancar can only beat Vasto Lorde hollow and weaker (as long as the VL isn't still strong than it). Becoming an Arrancar is pretty much just a power up, but you still stay in your class power range.

Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
Oh my god has anyone see this picture of Bleach. Just to be on the safe side it will be in spoilers


Its comes as pen now D:.

I'm so anxious for that new manga chapter its not funny
Oh my gosh, that's such an awesome picture!
Why have I not seen it before now?! ;p

I kind of feel the same way about the next manga chapter. :p

I don't want to open it, but your spoiler is really tempting... >.<