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Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
You know what

After reading Min-taichos long spoiler...
Has Kubo forgotten about everyone in Hueco Mundo or what? I think it would be cool if Rukia, Chad, Renji, Ishida, and maybe Orihime(lmfao) to help out in this final battle. I don't really think Ichigo can handle Aizen alone. Also the defeated captains and the ones in Hueco Mundo and Vizards when are they getting back into the scene. I hope everyone shows up just to overwhelm Aizen and kick his ass for goood.
No, I think anyone else would probably just be getting in the way at this point.
Unless Orihime has possibly gained the will to reject Aizen.
But even then she'd have to over power his godmoding or else he could probably get out of it.