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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
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I remember this one. That's the one with the kid who has Max's voice and they have to try and get Snorlax over some mountain because its Poké Ball broke. I don't know why I remembered this episode since nothing important happens except for the funny scenes of rolling logs under Snorlax to help it move along.
Right back at you. Hee.

The episode was different in that, we usually have a good premise marred by a weak climax. (Pokemon storytelling's one main weakness, I think. More on this later.) This episode was the reverse: a weak premise with a good ending. Really, if it wasn't for Team Rocket and Meowth's mecha suit of armor, the episode would have been a complete uninteresting waste. And, finally, Ash's Snorlax earned its keep. About time.