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Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
Maybe we should approach this differently:
Hey there Ace!
When brokenxnote was talking about the anatomy, I think he meant that the picture looks too flat and well, unbalanced let's say. It's hard for me to explain.
Also I do agree that the ice shards don't look like ice, I thought they were scales till I read the comments. I assumed the circles on the legs were spikes since the legs also had 2 pairs of spikes sticking outwards.
In words it's reaaally hard for me to point things out, especially since it's about anatomy, all I can say that it looks flat and unbalanced. My vocabulary is limited when it comes down to critiques. xD
Moving on...
Since I can't explain it in words I just did a quick sketch of your Cryozard.

Sorry for the low quality, my computer has gone bonkers and is sleeping in the rehabilitation center, so I had to use motion eye for this but anyways.
I'm assuming this is pretty much Cryozard? I dunno, it's your concept, but I tried to make it look as close to the original as possible so you could use this to help or something. Anyways.

Here're the rules I always stuck to when I first started drawing:
Pokemon are polygons.
Use guidelines to draw arms - circles to draw the body, something like this:

You can see there are a lot of circles joined by lines. If you do this, your fakemon will look more, let's say natural.
The lines don't have to all be exactly the same length for both arms, but pretty much close to each other. It all comes down to perspective, and as you practise, it'll come naturally, so like brokenxnote said: practise, practise, practise! ('''\(=^.^=)/''')
I hope this kinda helped.
Haha, thanks for the backup. I was thinking about re-drawing it to show what I meant, but now I don't have to 8D LMAO xD. And seriously, your style is starting to look REALLY close to Sugimori on certain drawings . Some Fakemon, not really, but for a lot of em, they look really close.
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