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Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
I know it's not really necessary, but I have to. You joined in this month and this is your first post. I really doubt you've waited for this hack "forever" as this hack did not exist before July of this year.
Actually, this hack has been around since January (but I've been working on it since December)... and I came up with the concept of Pokemon Saga in October 09...

Who knows, Laynerulez could have been a lurker, and therefore he could have actually waited, heck, I was a lurker of PC, and the only reason why I first joined was just to play ShinyGold.

Once I make decent progress with DarkViolet, I'll start working on Jade, and then hopefully this whole "Pokemon Saga" thing will finally make sense.

Originally Posted by altariaking View Post

Actually this hack has been going for a while under different names, Shadow Amethyst, Saga adventure, and now DarkViolet.
You are correct! It's all the same thing: Try and create the perfect Kanto-based game. Originally it was ShadowAmethyst because Mewtwo is purple and I thought it sounded cool, but then I thought I would call it Adventure, and name the other one Chronicles, while Platinum would become Chronicles 2 and HeartGold would become Adventure 2. Then I decided you have to have some kind of "version" title, so I just thought of the color purple, which became DarkViolet, and then Chronicles has been renamed to Jade.

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