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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
I would prefer if you did it LG, E, SS, D, because it makes it easier for me to update it, but if you absolutely have to do it that order, I guess I can pretend you're going in order.
Well I'm nearly finished with Diamond so I'll just get that done and then do it in order (sorry for the inconvenience)

Anyway heres log 1 for Sinnoh:


-Started game
-Choose starter
-Obtained Beldum egg
-Kept Piplup for HM slave
-Continued to Jubilife
-Beat Rival
-Went to oreburg
-Got owned by roark( Takedown did nothing on him)
-Power leveled
-Beat roark (was very close at the end)
-Cuaght Geodude for HM slave
-Went to floaroma
-Evolved Beldum into metang
-Cleared team galactic out of wind works

And log 2:


-Went to Eterna city
-Beat Gardenia with a metal claw, confusion combo
-Cleared the town of team Galactic
-Got to heartstone and beat my Rival
-Got to Vielstone
-Beat meylen with physic
-Went to Pastoria
-Beat Wake with Physic
-Went to Celestic town
-Stopped team galactic there
-Evovled metang into metagross
-Beat fantina with pursuit and physic
-went to Canalave
-Beat Rival

Add the next one when I get the chance to write it up
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