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Quote originally posted by jackjt8:
i dont know but try using a 3D game editor like:
Game maker

someone already has made a start!
"Posted 04 December 2008 - 10:28 PM
This is an engine ive been working the last few months, ive decided to release the source so i can start working on my own pokemon project...

You are free to use this engine, as long as you give me some credit

Before you test the GM6 file remember to include the external files into the project, else you will get several error messages and the game wont run. The external files must be extarcted to a temporary folder created by the game

It also includes a small crappy map editor to make the .MEF files, read the readme.txt file for the controls and info

Download: (the files is a gm6, but its compatible with all later versions, even 8)
LinkA (This one is more updated and secure)
Link B
Gmk users - Thanks Mocgames998!

Please, do post what you think about it, so i can improove, fix, update, etc.. "

does it work???
Um... No. That's for Game Maker. But, I do once seeing a Pearl rom hack, like what we do. I'll have to find it though. :\
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