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Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:
Yeah, but I'm still not giving Red a Pikachu, sorry. And I'm not dissing the manga, I think it looks really cool, and I would like to read it sometime... after all, according to Bulbapedia, Satoshi Tajiri said that the manga represents best the world he was trying to convey. Violence ftw! I guess that's because the main character actually received a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak, instead of a weak random mouse that belongs in a forest.
Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:

But even if the anime never existed, I still wouldn't give Red a Pikachu, because Pikachu = Weak = Suck.
Agreed, anyway that is the future, right, and the sequel, so should we discuss the current game? (And what are you giving him instead? Is he keeping Snorlax, as he replaced it with Lapras in HG/SS, didn't he?)

Now, have I said my opinion... I think what you are doing is beyond what is needed. In a good way. Most hackers strive for uniqueness, you are doing it by doing what Nintendo did, but better. Should be interesting (seeing as they built FR from the Ruby engine)

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