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Ok so I began my journey again this time with my Houndour, Cerberus. Now, anyone who was around when I did my first run will know, I did a video containing major fights like Gyms and Rival battles. This time I'm going to do only Gym and tougher Rival battles, speed them up and try and contain it to one or two videos a game and release it when I've finished. This is so I don't destroy my Youtube channel lol.

Anyway, I started out, got my Houndour and thrashed my rival both times, but then realised that I'm weak to the first two gyms. Brock was tough but I managed to get lucky, snagging a burn and a crit with ember. After he fell, through Mt Moon I went, took out my rival but realised Cerberus won't evolve without the National Dex so I decided to break here and hunt out a code so I can evolve him.

Cerberus Lv 25 (Flash Fire, Brave Nature)
- Ember
- Bite
- Howl
- Smog

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