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Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
Why does Ariana have a black outfit and a Gastly? Also why don't you give Misty a Wooper instead of a Horsea, since Lapras would seem too hard, and Quagsire is used by Misty three years later in HG/SS.
Ariana has a Gastly because she's also going use Haunter/Gengar when I do "Pokemon Saga - HeartGold". Misty doesn't use Wooper because Wooper is a really weak Pokemon, and I can easily change her team in "Pokemon Saga - HeartGold".

Also Ariana has a black outfit because I'm not going to make her look exactly the same three years prior. Afterall, if Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, Giovanni, and Blue all got outfit changes three years later, then I think it's okay to make Ariana look different three years before HG/SS.

Just saying, but Archer will also have a black outfit in DarkViolet. Besides, I don't know why, but IMO, the black outfit makes them look younger, which is a good thing.

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