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Originally Posted by ArcanineFan7 View Post
Ohhh I thought this was kind of a manga hack. Either way it looks good. I was hoping to have RED travel to Johto. Butttt I guess I need to wait for that kind of hack. Also, I read that timeline garbage.. wtf?? I'm confused lol.
Just wait until I post Pokemon Jade, then everything will make sense (hopefully).

EDIT: Oh, and

Right now I'm trying to decide if it looks better with the FR/LG battle text box, or the default DarkViolet textbox. The reason why I'm considering using the default one is because the 4th gen games don't use a separate textbox for battles, so there's another thing that I might have to make consistent...

I'm also going to hack the HP boxes to look like the HG/SS ones. In Pokemon Jade, the HP boxes will look like the Platinum ones.

Originally I was just going to use the default Emerald battle backgrounds, but thanks to Frostbite posting new screenshots of his hack, I suddenly realized that it's possible for D/P/Pt/HG/SS backgrounds to actually look nice in a GBA hack, you just have to sort your colors carefully.

EDIT: Also, I'm going to raise Misty's levels a bit because some people say that she's kinda easy. Besides, it's really easy to train in this game thanks to the rematch system.

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