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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Machop was origanlly Normal in R/B/G

But was moved to Fighting Type due to the amount of BlackBelt and Hikers that use them

(...someone's done his homework...) :D
Wrong. Dude, I have the Japanese Green (I'll even take a picture if you don't believe me), and I can confirm that the wild Pokemon are EXACTLY the same as the American Blue version. That means no Machop on Route 3. And Machop wasn't in the Japanese Blue version either. And why does everyone pretend that the Japanese Red doesn't exist? And I think you totally missed the point too. The point was that Machop weren't in Route 3, and for some reason you read that as Machop being Normal type, wtf? Machop has always been fighting type, even in the Japanese Red & Green versions.

Also, Proton and Petrel will kinda be in the game. But you won't be able to tell, since I'm giving Proton's team a complete makeover in "Pokemon Saga - HeartGold". But there will be a Rocket Grunt in Silph Co. with six Koffings.

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