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intro:heya my name is BlooDy_MuloS!! or just muli
i want to create a team that will hack with me together to make an decent hack that will be called pokemon legend of anbuja well i liked this name. im hacking till 8 months and i have improved a lot but im quit not the best and now i wanted to start a hack but like all others i cant do it by myself and im goona improve my skills so the others improve there skills too. so im calling everyone that love pokemon like i to come in my team and create this great hack that is going to be the best in my opinion.

rom info

So i hacked already i little bit here and there and we will be hacking an fire red rom but if we dont find someone who insert some tile i think i have to insert them by myself but if this happen the rom will be change to an ruby rom

Current team members:
BlooDy_MuloS!!:spriter ow editor and editer on the stats of pokemon lv and all of that
Sean777 mapper!!!
Rickk1234 scripter!!!
Bosaap scripter!!!
r0bert ow editor!!!
wildedge mapper , beta tester and idea man!!!!
riokura mapper!!!
minime010 spriter!!!
gardenia101 tiler, mapper, spriter!!!!!!!!!!!!
richmix spriter!!!
kirbyxox ow and spriter!!!
darkaura mapper and banner maker!!!
pedro12 scripter (tile inserter)!!!

aplication form:

username or nick how you want to be called
the place that you want in the team
past experience:i dont really care if you are good or not
prove of work:here i want to see just a little bit but i dont really care

so please applie even if you think your not gonna accepted you will
here are some pics of what i have at this time

these are only some screens but im want some other tiles and the overworld is gonna change probably too
i used the rom base that mitchel1 released so credit to him
and to kyledove , ultramasterBDX and wesley FG for the tiles if i forget someone tell me please.

so here is the list of what i need in the team

2-3 mappers that can at least insert tiles or now someone who can and they need to know of course how to create events
2 scripters they will make really mush dialogs betwen the hero and the others
music inserter
world mapper im seeking foe one who will make it
1 spriter and 1 ow editor
and i need at least 3 or 4 beta testers and idea people who help me for the story and the many sidequests these 4 dont have to be in the team as the ones above

and here some of the story start:
at the begining (you have a lot nightmares) your a guy/girl 16 year old , who life in a big town (or city) by thereselfes they dont have father and mother but they have a closest friend but both dream to be someday pokemon trainer and someday there called by the town mayor where your friend is gonna become his pokemon but you not because the mayor never liked you and as he say "your not ready" so you have to make some missions first to obtain your pokemon after you done them he said "sorry but our town dont have other pokemon".

that gave you the kick so you go angry to the beach where you everytime goes when you was angry here comes your friend to chear you up but your angry and dont want to see him anymore your friend goes and than come some pokemon and knock you down when your awake you see an black pokemon fighting for you (zorua) when its saves you you look at it and it starts to embarassed...a pokemon that can speak??!! from this point everything is gonna change you will meet other pokemons that speak everything in Anbuja will change with because of an evil organization that are rebeled fight against gods and everything is in there but there will be a clash against you and your friend and so many other story charakters...
and this is the little start of you story its gonna improve with the idea people

complett new region
new hero heroine
new moves !!!
new overworlds custom or others
new professor
new evil team(not the team galatik , magma and aqua crap that are only after legendaries)
new rivals!!!
new gym leaders
some fakemons
new story
morning , day, afternoon and night added
very mcuh scripts and storys:D
new challanges
and everything that could be possible!!!

contact info si here you can have my email
or just pm or vm me and dont forget to make the aplication :D

thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon

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can you stop it...
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you cant hide , it...its co-coming...

i know that you want to join so here it is
see ya soon

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