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Dakim raised his hand. “Venus? I didn’t know we were to operate in outer spac-”

“Venus! As in the woman Venus as in she’s called Venus! As in a women rather than a planet! As in the other Admin you forget about every week!” Nascour shouted tiredly.
And why did Miror B. not start singing, "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire at your desire" right here?

Deciding he disliked the taste of rake, Entei set it on the ground, and then shot a ball of flame at it. The fire succeeded in reducing the rake into little more than ash, but it also had the side-effect of setting Duncan’s lawn on fire.
Aww, poor Duncan. And his lawn. And his rake. What will our resident cranky old curmudgeon do now?

“Skarrrr!” (I hate the flowersssss!) he cried and gave a loud screech, before he started flying faster. Unfortunately for the Skarmory, he flew into a canyon wall beak-first, and ended up getting it stuck firmly into the clumpy wall.
Gonzap better keep that Skarmory away from Lisa and all her floral print outfits

Ooh, I like this development with Miror B. He did seem like the admin least devoted to Cipher, and there's much more to him than meets the eye But for the intents and purposes of my fic, Skrub remains faithful to Cipher *whines* It definitely adds to his personality while still keeping him true to his character in the games.

And yay for Mirakle B! I always thought that guy was a bit flaky and not quite right in the head. Gotta love the smiley face Pokeball/Electrode/Voltorb that can somehow use Double Kick xD

Awesome chapter, even if it's way late. And I should think of more to write, but that would involve consulting Johnson's Magikarp for advice and that idea can't possibly end well.

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